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A list of Tech Hubs and co-working Spaces in Jos

A technology or innovation hub is a physical space or community where individuals, organizations, and businesses come together to collaborate, create, and develop new technologies and innovative ideas. These hubs often provide resources and support such as funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help individuals and startups to grow and succeed in their endeavors. They can be found in various locations around the world, and are often associated with cities or regions that have a strong focus on technology and innovation.

Nevertheless, in recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a substantial rise in the establishment of indigenous technology hubs. These hubs are designed to foster a conducive environment for startups to thrive and contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s technology ecosystem.

The importance of tech hubs to a country’s economy, cannot be overemphasized. Tech hubs offer various resources, including funding, mentorship, networking opportunities, and infrastructure, to support startups in their developing stages.

Tech Hubs also help to create job opportunities for young people, reduce the rate of unemployment, and contribute to the development of the Nigerian technology ecosystem.

In addition, local tech hubs help to bridge the digital gap and promote inclusive growth. With the increasing penetration of mobile devices and the internet in Nigeria, tech hubs have become essential in ensuring that the benefits of technology are accessible to everyone, including those in rural communities.

Here is a list of Hubs in Jos Plateau State, their locations, and the services they provide. 

  1. Showbiz Hub:

Services: Interior and exterior painting, furniture assembling, and remodeling structures and furniture.

Location: No.3 Pam Kali street, Gada Biu, Jos.

2. Infinity Innovation Hub:

services: A non-profit organization geared toward nurturing creative minds.

Location: No. 10 Little Rayfield Road, opp. SON office, Bukuru, Jos-South LGA.

 3. Jummai Hub Nigeria 

Services: online shopping mall, providing goods and services to customers online 

Location: pick-up station in Jos is located at No. D2, Ahmadu Bello way, Jos.

4. E-Business Hub

Services: internet marketing

Location: block B13 Jere Plaza, adjacent, to Kim filling station, building materials Market Jos.

5. Manga Online Marketing place

services: provides E-learning platforms, Talent hunting, Buying and selling a variety of products, provide skill acquisition courses for youths online.

Location: along Bauchi Road, adjacent University of Jos, Bauchi Road campus.

6. Salvage Biz Hub

Services: Provides business and management services, capacity building, supply agricultural products (crops and Animals) contract farming, import and export services.

Location: No.33 Yakubu Gowon Way, opp. Plateau State Polytechnic 

7. Business UpgradHub

Services: offer master class sessions on how to grow your business.

Location: No.1 Adam Close, adjacent to National Open University.

8. Universal Hub

Services: Dealers in wholesale and Retailing of gadgets ( phones, power banks, chargers, etc).

Location: Ahmadu Bello Way, along Plateau Riders Motor Park, Jos.

9. Axia Technology and innovation hub

Services: promoting Science, tech, and innovation, through training programmes

Location: along the Old Nitel Office, Old Airport Junction, Jos.

10. Tools Beauty Hub

Services: Render aesthetic Services to enhance women’s looks, by creating permanent EyeBrows and Lashes, Beauty Spa and pedicure treatments.

Location: shop 4 AM Dung Street, Sparkling Junction, Dadin Kowa beside UBA, Jos.

11. Garga Technology IT Hub limited

Services: supply innovative IT products for industries, universities, Banks, Health and communication sectors, Hotels, Fuel stations and Utilities.

Location: no.85, Rikkos New layout along Angwan Rukuba, Jos.

12. Black Innovation Africa 

Services: An IT company training youths in acquiring technology and Innovation.

Location: no.28, Bukuru Expressway, opp Airtel Office, British American Junction

13. M-Tech innovation Hub

Services: An information-technology and communication technology hub offering training courses on computer training, fonts, designing, framework, and digital marketing

Location: Sanyi Lamingo Dam, along Lamingo Road, Jos.

14. N-Hub

Services: renders IT services and IT consultancy.

Location: 3rd-floor Taen Business Complex opp. former Nitel Office, Yakubu Gowon way, Jos.

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  1. Bosan Nathaniel Kurah

    Jos Green Centre office
    Space for ideation and platform for the showcase of sustainably innovative products and services. Plus a share work space and executive office lounge.
    Open 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

    Address: 39 Yakubu Gowon way, opposite old NITEL building.

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