A Tourism Trip from Jos to Kano with Africa Creatives Tourism

Social Mallam and his friends explored Kano, Nigeria, on a trip filled with cultural experiences. The trip was organised by Africa Creatives Tourism, the photowalk took them to the historic Kano walls and the Kofar Wambai tannery, a major source of leather in Nigeria.

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— Philemon Obeze (Social Mallam)

KOFAR WAMBAI, KANOThe day began with the promise of an adventure, as I, along with my friends Freezle, Tapsy, and Nelly, piled into a car at the crack of dawn. Our destination: Kano, Nigeria, for the Kano Tourism and Photowalk, organized by Africa Creatives Tourism.

Our journey unfolded like a storybook. Our first chapter was written in Bauchi State, where we tasted the legendary Masa, a local delicacy that tantalised our taste buds. As we continued our voyage, Jigawa State whizzed by, and by 3:00 PM, Kano welcomed us with open arms.

After a brief pause to recharge, we embarked on our urban expedition. The Kano Zoo served as our first port of call. With ₦200 lighter pockets, we entered a world of fascinating creatures, from the majestic zebras to the lumbering hippos, many of whom I had only encountered in the pages of books. The zoo, a haven for these animals, left me with a heartwarming impression.

The next day dawned, and with it, the main event – the Kano Tourism and Photowalk. We assembled at the Emir’s Palace, where our guide, Mr. Sani Maikatanga, and fellow explorers awaited.

Our adventure unfurled like a treasure map. We visited the Gidan Makama Museum, a treasure trove of history, and the Kano city walls and gates, silent sentinels guarding the city’s past. We then delved into the vibrant energy of the Daura market, a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds. The Kofar Matan dye pit, a splash of colour against the city’s canvas, and the Kofar Wambai tannery, a testament to human ingenuity, left us awestruck.

Established over 90 years ago, the Kofar Wambai tannery is a legend in itself. Not only is it one of Nigeria’s oldest tanneries, but it is also the country’s largest supplier of leather. We learned that hides, sourced locally and from neighbouring countries, are transformed here into exquisite leather through a meticulous process. This leather, used to craft footwear, bags, and clothing, finds its way not only across Nigeria but also across the globe, with some of the world’s biggest brands relying on Kano’s expertise.

The tannery tour was an experience etched in my memory. We witnessed the entire process, from the raw hides to the finished products, and even encountered snake skins, which some of my friends found a tad unsettling, though I found them strangely intriguing. The workers, unfazed by the strong odours, were friendly and shared their knowledge generously. With cameras in hand, we captured this unique experience, preserving it for posterity.

If you’re looking for an adventure that enriches your soul, Kano beckons. Just like us, you’re sure to return with a heart brimming with memories and a newfound appreciation for Nigeria’s cultural tapestry.

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