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Uniting for Our University’s Future: A Call to All Josites – Oche Emmanuel


Dear Josites.

I graduated from the faculty of Law and have returned to the Faculty for my Ph.D. I am here in Jos after my exams and would like to share a few experiences about the university with you.

Firstly, I would like to highlight that most facilities in the university are in a decrepit condition and it is essential to raise awareness about this issue to prevent the university from being perceived as a glorified secondary school.

Secondly, it is concerning to learn that our university has been WITHOUT Electricity for nearly two months now, Reason : They are owing and unable to pay Electricity bills. This situation is causing significant frustration for both staff and students of our dear University.

Let me share my personal story. The University has digitalized its processes, and encourages Students and intending students to access the school through its Portals. So I decided to pay my school fees online while I was away. I tried to no avail to print my receipt as evidence of payment. I was told that the only option available was for me to go to Jos and visit the ICT department. Which I did. The experience was unpleasant and unimaginable to say the least.

Despite facing difficulties, the hardworking staff tried to assist me, but before then, he took me on the voyage of their experiences which I would beg that you allow me to keep to myself.

The Staff eventually got a laptop to help. Unfortunately, the laptop suddenly turned off. Battery was not charged. No light, no inverter.. just nothing and the time was counting down to 3:00oclock when my exam was to commence. The payment receipt was required before the exam to enable me sign my course forms and clearance.

I had waited for more than three hours for him to get the laptop charged through assisted method. By the time he was done my exam time had tickled. I quickly went to the faculty to have my forms signed but great to my chagrin I met a Prof of Law using TOUCH LIGHT In his office. He needed to read, write and perform other administrative functions including signing my forms but not in a dark room so the touch came to his rescue. I was dumbfounded and stood for a while in awe.The situation clearly defeats the current globalization trends in other citadel of learning.

The lack of Electricity affected various units and departments across the university, impacting functions from the Medical units (ie. Clinic, pharmacy, nursing, med & surgery et al) to ICT, library, hostels, offices etc. Infact, most offices in the university are closed, or desolate because there’s no power. Electricity enhances Life and the performance of official duties.I observed so many worrisome situations some of which requires urgent interventions.

Given these challenges, I believe it is crucial for the university of Jos to establish a stronger relationship with its alumni to address issues like these . Universities like UI, Unilag, OAU and UNN have successfully engaged with their alumni, helping to improve their institutions. I have read of a graduate from a first generation university in the south west who donated nearly One billion Naira to his Faculty when he was contacted for assistance.
I encourage the university of Jos to follow suit and foster a robust connection with its alumni to enhance the university’s condition.
Such connections could be directly to well opportuned alumni or to a group of them who have not been active. The University should set up a committee to seek and find them.

I hope my experiences and suggestions can contribute to a positive way forward.
Additionally, I Appeal to those who have the means to support our university in their individual capacities to come forward. It is important that we continue to be mindful and Committed to our university’s progress.

Again I would like to appeal that those whose “CHI” have smiled on, should please come to the rescue of our great University.

Thank you.

Great Josites! Ever conscious Josites.

OCHE Emmanuel, Esq.
Fmr. President Student’s Union Government,
University of Jos.
Concerned Josite.

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