Baraxana Art Festival

Baraxana Arts Festival Holds Pally with Social Media Influencers Towards 2023 Event

Why it matters : The celebration of Baraxana Arts Festival in Africa is held to celebrate who we are. “The Baraxana Arts Festival is a continuous exchange between practitioners of the creative and cultural industry and the society, and bids you to experience the land, people and all that it is,” reads the festival’s brochure.

The theme for this year’s festival is “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for  Sustainable Creative & Cultural Industry ( LevonAI)”. It will emphasize the impact that AI is making across all industries, with exhibitions, workshops and masterclasses, performances with cultural exchanges. 

What we know so far: Over the course of hosting previous events, the organizers of the festival felt the need to have this years’ event should have a face lift online, with its maiden event in 2018, by having its first virtual event during the Covid pandemic, which led to hybrid festival after the heat of the pandemic. 

The event: The event was confirmed earlier this week to take place on December 2, 2023, at Tamarald Event Centre, Jos, Plateau State.

Working with influencers: Social media plays a major role in promoting arts, despite their unique nature and usability. 

During a meeting with select social media influencers, Johnson Goselle, the Production Manager at Baraxana, spoke about the need to have influencers in driving the course of Baraxana Arts Festival. He categorically states that the social media influencers have their unique followers and fan base, hence the meeting to help push the festival online. 

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