Cash Scarcity Sparks Serious Protest at Ring Road by Central Bank of Nigeria Benin.

Central Bank of Nigeria in Benin due to the recent scarcity of cash in the region. The protest has caused traffic congestion in the area and attracted a significant number of participants.

According to sources, the protesters are expressing their dissatisfaction with the bank’s handling of the cash shortage, which has caused significant inconvenience to businesses and individuals in the area. Many ATMs and banks have been out of cash, leaving people unable to access their funds.

The protesters are calling for the Central Bank of Nigeria to take urgent action to address the situation and ensure that there is enough cash available for people to carry out their daily activities. They are also demanding greater transparency from the bank regarding its policies and operations.The protest has caught the attention of law enforcement agencies, who have been deployed to the area to maintain order. There are concerns that the protest may escalate if the bank does not respond to the protesters’ demands. The Central Bank of Nigeria has not yet issued an official statement on the matter, but sources suggest that it is working to address the cash shortage and ensure that there is enough cashThe protest comes amid growing concerns about the economic situation in Nigeria, which has been hit hard by the increasing price of fuel. Many businesses and individuals are struggling to cope with the economic downturn, and the cash shortage has only added to their difficulties.

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