FACT CHECK: Did Tinubu ban tuition fee increment in Nigerian universities?

The claim: News has been circulating on social media platforms,and blog posts claiming that President Tinubu has issued a ban on the increment of tuition fees in Nigerian universities.

What We Know: Following the announcement of proposed increment of tuition fees for undergraduate students in University of Lagos and University of Jos, This has been a subject of concern and discontent for both students and their families.

It is important to note the terms “tuition” and “school fees.” “Tuition” refers specifically to the cost of academic instruction, while “school fees” encompass a broader range of charges, including administrative fees, accommodation fees, and various secondary charges.

Upon careful examination of the available sources, we found no direct statement or official policy from Tinubu himself regarding a ban on the increment of tuition fees in Nigerian universities. There is no recorded speech, press release, or public statement from Tinubu confirming the claim.

It is worth noting that there have been discussions and proposals regarding affordable education, including student loans and financial assistance.

Know more: The Students’ Loans Scheme, under the Student Loans Bill signed into law by President Tinubu will go into implementation ahead of the next academic session in September, saying the Federal Government will also strengthen other mechanisms to support indigent students.

Verdict: Based on our research, we conclude that the viral news claiming Tinubu banned the increment of tuition fees in Nigerian universities is false. Despite ongoing concerns about rising school fees, there is no concrete evidence or official statement from President Tinubu supporting this specific claim.

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