Jos Hike It sets to break world record attempt with 5000 persons .

The “Jos hike it” group, a hiking organisation in Plateau state Nigeria, has emerged as a frontrunner amidst a wave of contenders, vying for recognition in the prestigious Guiness world records, after the recent trend of the foremost Hilda Baci.

With an ambitious goal of surpassing the existing record for largest hike in the world, the group led by it founder Jerry Doubles has taken on the challenge to embark on an extraordinary journey through the stunning landscape of Jos, Plateau state.

What we know:  interviewing Jerry Doubles He remarked the Jos hike it group is an organisation registered with the corporate affairs commission, who have been consistently hiking for the past 7 years. thus their ambition to organise a 5000 person hike was not birthed out of no where, the purpose of the hike is to promote peaceful coexistence and change the negative narrative of the populace have about plateau state and to position the state as a premier tourism destination in Nigeria and Africa at large.

He added that, we coincidentally discovered that the most hike in the business world record is 815 people, thus providing us an avenue to beat the existing record. However, the hike will not be open to a random public, instead there will be a platform for registration on their website providing information about the hike and other requirements for people who are going to be selected for the hike, this provisions will be made for the participants.

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