JosCityTrek 2.0 Takes Action Against Plastic Pollution and Its Threat to Ecosystem Restoration

Environmental sanitation at the first edition Jos city trek 1.0 by participant at the event.

In a bid to address the rising issue of single-use plastic pollution, JosCityTrek 2.0 is an innovative awareness campaign that attempts to address the detrimental impact of plastic waste on the physical environment, by mobilizing the local community and engaging people in the fight against plastic pollution.

What we Know: The Jos City Trek is an annual event by Explore9ja Limited, that aims to tackle climate challenges. It involves engaging individuals, communities, private organizations, and the government to actively contribute to environmental sustainability through waste management, recycling, and conservation efforts.

The project creates awareness through advocacy, community service, and discussions on policy matters related to the protection and preservation of nature and wildlife.

Participants during first edition of the Jos City trek 1.0
A Participant picking up plastic waste

According to Ephraim Bulus, convener of the event, “Global warming induced by Climate change is one of the world’s global crises that is slowly affecting people and the planet generally, thereby disrupting some of life’s essential requirements for health: water, air and food.”

A photograph of participant at
the first edition of trek

“The JosCityTrek 2.0 advocacy aligns to restore the ecological balance of Plateau State, this is because plastic pollution disrupts the natural balance of ecosystems by contaminating soil, water, and air. By promoting the reduction of single-use plastics, the campaign will help to restore a healthier environment and support the recovery of local ecosystems,” he added.

Thus, the Trek is scheduled to take place from September 30 to October 2, 2023, featuring a lineup of activities such as an engaging fireside and breakfast meeting,  a Twitter space conversation, a recycle workshop and the trek.

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