Nigerian Startup Breaks Ground in Grief Support, Offering a Fresh Approach to Mourning and Remembering

Nigerian Startup Breaks Ground in Grief Support, Offering a Fresh Approach to Mourning and Celebrating Our Loved Ones

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Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we go through, leaving a void that is often difficult to fill. In Nigeria, where family and community ties are deeply valued, the loss of a loved one can be especially devastating.

Traditionally, we announce obituaries on the radio, TV, and in newspapers. Nowadays, people also use social media platforms like Facebook to share this news.

However, these platforms aren’t always the best at honoring and preserving the memory of the deceased in an organized way. With the increasing diaspora of Nigerians and the limitations of social media platforms, there is a growing need for a dedicated space to honor and remember loved ones who have passed on.

As times change, there’s a need for a more focused and culturally sensitive online space where we can remember and celebrate our loved ones. This kind of platform would help us grieve and keep the memories alive for future generations.

This is where comes in – a innovative startup that has emerged as a dedicated platform to help Nigerians navigate the difficult journey of grief.

This digital memorial platform offers a space where the memories and legacies of the departed can be celebrated and preserved. It serves as a comprehensive End of Life archive specifically tailored for Nigeria, allowing families to record and cherish the memories of their loved ones in a centralized, respectful environment.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Interface: Death notices are organized by Nigerian states, making it easy for users to find specific information through a hyperlinked map on the homepage.
  • Condolence Section: An online family register where those in mourning can connect with a broader community that shares their grief, providing much-needed solace and support.
  • Practical Information: Resources on bereavement support, tips for crafting eulogies, and religious scriptures for people of Christian and Muslim faiths.
  • Services Directory: Lists various funeral-related businesses, such as florists, casket providers, and monument makers, all conveniently organized by Nigerian states.
A Video explaining the Platform on YouTube

Creating a death or remembrance notice on is straightforward. Users can set up an account, obtain the deceased family’s consent, and craft a notice that may include details of the departed, links to their social media profiles, and even a funeral live stream link, if available.

Each submission is reviewed by a dedicated team to ensure respect and sensitivity before publication.

Interview with the Founders

What inspired you to create, and how do you envision it transforming the way Nigerians cope with loss?

Announcing a death is a significant aspect of human culture. Traditionally, we listened to or watched obituary announcements on radio and TV. With the advent of social media, many now announce the passing of loved ones on platforms like Facebook. However, Facebook is not particularly suited for such announcements because information about the deceased is not easily searchable, especially long after their demise. Additionally, the comment section on Facebook serves as a condolence register, which is inadequate. If multiple family members post death notices, there isn’t a single cohesive register or account that serves as the family condolence register.

As someone who has experienced grief and the challenges associated with that in a unique country like Nigeria, the desire to provide a resource to help others led us to reflect on the need for a dedicated platform to honor the memory of the departed and provide a unified space where families can receive sympathies from friends and loved ones. was born out of this reflection.

Ultimately, we envision transforming the way Nigerians cope with loss by providing a centralized, respectful, and comprehensive platform for honoring the deceased and supporting grieving families. This platform will not only serve as a death notice and memorial platform but also as a practical resource for those navigating the complexities of bereavement.

Can you share some challenges you faced while developing and how you overcame them?

Developing presented several challenges, primarily because discussing death is always a sensitive and difficult subject. While people who have lost loved ones understand the value of a platform like, many are initially reluctant to engage with it due to the emotional pain associated with loss. Additionally, as a new platform, there was a learning curve for users to fully understand its functionalities and benefits.

How does ensure the privacy and sensitivity of the information shared on the platform?

We understand that death is a sensitive matter and that by uploading content about the deceased, people are choosing to share personal information. was created by individuals who have experienced the loss of immediate family members, so we are deeply committed to ensuring the site’s integrity and respectful management. When a person uploads a death notice, it goes into pending mode until the website managers verify the accuracy of the information. The condolence section is also monitored to ensure that messages maintain respect and dignity for the deceased, with offensive posts being immediately deleted. Additionally, the site has a robust data, privacy, and cookie policy to ensure best practices are adhered to. This information is readily available on the website, providing transparency and assurance to our users.

Are there any upcoming features or expansions planned for to further support grieving families?

To further support grieving families in the future, we plan to group death notices by family, allowing users to access and explore their family trees. This feature will provide a deeper connection to family history and lineage, helping families preserve their heritage and honor their ancestors. Additionally, we aim to enhance the site’s functionality by including resources for grief counseling, funeral planning, and other support services tailored to the needs of those who are grieving.

How do you plan to sustain and grow in the long term while maintaining its core mission of compassion and support?

To sustain and grow in the long term while maintaining our core mission of compassion and support, we plan to continuously improve the user experience by incorporating feedback and ensuring that the platform remains user-friendly and intuitive. This includes regularly updating features and adding new functionalities that cater to the evolving needs of our users.

We will also focus on expanding our range of support services by partnering with organizations that provide grief counseling, funeral planning assistance, and other resources for those dealing with loss. These partnerships will help us offer a more comprehensive support system for our users

Have You Experienced Loss?

If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one, is here to support you. Visit their website today to learn more and sign up for their platform.

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