Michaels Oasis Foundation Launches Sexual and Reproductive Health Campaign in Plateau State

The news

In a bid to educate and empower the community on sexual and reproductive health, the Michaels Oasis Foundation, recently launched a campaign in Mangu local government area, Plateau state.

The event brought together community members, health professionals, and stakeholders in a concerted effort to tackle prevailing issues related to sexual and reproductive health and basics to menstrual hygiene with the distribution of sanitary pads. 

Why it matters 

With an emphasis on accurate information and open dialogue, the campaign addressed a wide range of topics, including family planning, contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and safe sex practices.

The Michaels Oasis Foundation team and attendees of the sexual and reproductive health campaign

The president of the Michaels Oasis Foundation,Nankpak Cirfat addressed the community saying “we will be available to cater for those in need and when needed the most regarding any sexual-reproductive and health related issues” 

What now 

The Michaels Oasis Foundation plans to build on the success of this campaign by organising follow-up workshops, partnering with local healthcare providers, and advocating for policy changes to improve sexual and reproductive health services in local communities hoping to achieve more and better as opportunities avail.

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