Notorious Nigerian Mafia Leader Extradited and Sentenced to 13 Years for Prostitution Ring

A notorious Nigerian woman who was among the “100 most dangerous and wanted fugitives in the world” has been extradited from Abuja to Italy to serve a 13-year jail sentence for running a criminal conspiracy, human trafficking, enslavement, and prostitution exploitation. The 48-year-old fugitive, identified as Jeff Joy, was a key figure in the Nigerian mafia and had been on an Italian wanted list for years before being apprehended and extradited.Joy was responsible for the trafficking of Nigerian victims into Italy and overseeing their operations in the country. She managed a prostitution ring spanning Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands, characterized by violence and threats to the victims’ families in Nigeria, according to Italian National Police.The extradition represents the first provision under the extradition treaty signed between Italy and Nigeria in 2020, made possible by the joint work of the Nigerian judiciary, the Italian ambassador in Nigeria, and the Italian Ministry of Justice. The arrest came after the International Police Cooperation Service (SCIP) officials in Nigeria investigated and issued a red notice in 2010, which led to the arrest by the Nigerian intelligence service, the Department of State Services (DSS), on June 4, 2022.Joy’s conviction and extradition have far-reaching implications for human trafficking and prostitution rings operating in Europe and beyond. This milestone serves as a warning to other criminals engaging in similar activities, and it shows that law enforcement agencies can work together to bring fugitives to justice. The Italian police’s announcement on Joy’s extradition is a significant breakthrough in the global fight against human trafficking, slavery, and prostitution.

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