Planeteer Alliance Trains Climate Activists in Nigeria on Plastic Waste Sustainability

Trainees at the Wind Summit

The News: To tackle the escalating plastic waste crisis and combat the devastating impact of climate change, the Wind Summit has emerged as a beacon of hope. 

Powered by the Planetter Alliance, an initiative of the Captain Planet Foundation, with Climrenew as local implementing partner, organised a one-day training for young climate change Activists in Jos Plateau state on Saturday, July 29. 

This is the first Wind Summit in Nigeria.

Why it matters: According to Bashir Sheidu, COO of nHub Nigeria and nHub Foundation, who was a guest speaker: “The Wind Summit holds profound significance in the global fight against plastic waste, environmental sustainability, and the looming climate crises. It also serves as a platform to foster collaboration between youths, government and private sectors within the state, to share innovative ideas, and bring about effective solutions”.

Globally according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Only 9% of plastic waste is recycled, 15% is collected for recycling but 40% of that is disposed of as residues. Another 19% is incinerated, 50% ends up in landfill and 22% evades waste management systems and goes into uncontrolled dumpsters, is burned in open pits or ends up in terrestrial or aquatic environments, especially in poorer countries. 

Given this, Nigeria faces significant challenges with solid waste management due to a lack of infrastructure, a trained workforce, and other related factors. Annually, Nigeria generates 27.6 million kt16 of municipal solid waste, of which about 13 per cent is plastic(Please source). Therefore plastic waste has a detrimental effect on the environment, contributing to pollution, habitat destruction, and harm to wildlife. 

In an interview with Odinaka Kingsley, a trained and licensed biomedical scientist and the lead at the Block Malaria Africa Initiative, as one of the guest speakers at the event, He addressed the topic,  ‘On the implication of poor plastic waste management on health’, He said: “Poor plastic management can have detrimental effects on human health. When plastic waste is not managed properly, it can accumulate in the environment, leading to several health hazards such as water contamination, air pollution, and exposure to chemicals. 

What now: The Wind Summit has set into motion a call for change across the globe, provoking a sense of urgency and determination to address the plastic waste crisis and combat the far-reaching consequences of climate change. Thus, this collaboration has paved the way for innovative solutions, transformative policies, and a collective commitment to preserving our planet for future generations. 

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  1. Great stuffs I’m glad to have come across this platform, I’m a young innovator in Nigeria building Wind and Hydro turbine. I recently built a 250watt Wind turbine. Now I’m combining the use of 3D technology in Converting Plastic Pet bottles into Filaments to produce Wind Turbine..

    I will be glad to be part of this noble initiative.. I would love to hear from you..

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