Plateau Governor Advocates for Professionalism in The Construction Industry.

Govenor receiving award at the 53rd builders annual conference.

The News: Plateau state governor, Caleb Mutfwang has emphasised on the pivotal role of professionalism in the construction industry.

He made this remark at the 53rd Builder’s Annual conference /AGM Plateau State on Tuesday, 15th August, 2023.

Why it Matters: According to Mr Mutfwang, the Institute’s significance cannot be overstated, and the moment is ripe for it to assume a dominant role in the industry. It is imperative that the institute step into a leadership position. 

“I urged the Institute to assert its influence and take proactive measures to ensure that all construction projects adhere to high professional standards, thereby reshaping the current state of affairs,” he said. 

What now: The housing shortfall in Nigeria is a well-known concern. To bridge this gap, there is a need to engage in purposeful research to make construction more affordable. Accessible and dependable building materials are crucial for enabling citizens to achieve homeownership.

“Our era demands an end to government-provided worker housing, and instead, we must empower employees to own homes even before retiring,” he added. 

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