Plateau State Association USA Encourages Peaceful and Transparent Elections

The Plateau State Association USA has called for peaceful and transparent elections ahead of the gubernatorial and house of assembly polls. In a press release, the organization commended Nigerians and especially the people of Plateau who exercised their right to vote and make their voices heard.

While not endorsing any candidate or political party, the Plateau State Association USA urged all parties and candidates to abide by the signed Peace Accord and commit to supporting all efforts that ensure only the Nigerian people decide the winners of the elections. The organization emphasized that a peaceful and transparent process that reflects the will of the people of Plateau State and Nigeria at large is crucial for Nigeria’s stability and democratic consolidation.

The Plateau State Association USA also encouraged voters to remain peaceful and patient as they cast their votes. The organization stated that the proposed electoral system, when fully functional, will enhance the integrity and credibility of the outcome of future elections in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the Plateau State Association USA pledged to support and partner with the newly elected administration and continue to advocate for good governance. The organization also urged citizens to work together to build a better society, free from the influence of tribe and religion in politics.As the elections approach, the Plateau State Association USA’s call for peaceful and transparent elections is a reminder of the importance of democracy and the need for citizens to come together to ensure a fair and just process.

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