Plapoly Staff Protest Unjust Employment Practices

In a developing story, a group of non-academic employees at Plateau State Polytechnic of both Barki Ladi and Jos campus are staging a protest against what they claim is unjust employment practices by the government. Reports indicate that the protesters, who include secretaries, cleaners, mechanics, library staff and others, have been rallying for several hours, calling for fair and transparent hiring processes.

Image shows a group of protesters seen carrying cardboard pepper In front of plateau state polytechnic Jos campus
Protesters are seen in front of plapoly, Jos campus.


Sources familiar with the issue say that the protesters are frustrated with the fact that many of them have been working as casual staff for over 21 years, yet have seen little progress in securing full-time employment. Allegations of “back door” employment and influence by prominent politicians in hiring at the school have been made.

The protest, which has caused traffic disruptions in Barki Ladi campus and Jos , has garnered significant attention, with many calling for the government to address the concerns raised by the non-academic staff. The situation remains fluid, with authorities reportedly negotiating with protest leaders in an effort to find a resolution.


This is a developing story and more updates will follow as they become available.


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