President Tinubu Appoints Lalong as Minister of Labour and Employement

Two weeks after he was named minister designated by Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, former Plateau state governor Simon Lalong has been appointed as the minister of labour and employment.

According to the labour ministry website, Mr Lalong will be responsible for the following in his role: development and promotion of productive employment policies and programmes for employment generation and actualization of national employment policies of the Federal Government.

  • Stimulation and enhancement of national productivity consciousness reward for excellence and promotion of national competitiveness. Skills Development, upgrading, certification, placement and empowerment of artisans, tradesmen and applicants in various areas of national needs.
  • Provision of Social Security Coverage, Welfare and Employee Compensation to the nation’s workforce. Provision of Labour Protection – -Services, supervision, enforcement, Education, Promotion of Social Justice, Ratification, Implementation and Review of National Labour. – – Laws and Policies including collective bargained agreements.
  • Trade Unions Education and Training
  • International Labour Diplomacy
    *Promotion of Occupational Safety and Health
    *Enforcement of the Labour Laws

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