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Ruth Nandi Taple Highlights the Power of People in Personal Growth

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Jos, Nigeria – May 21, 2024

Ruth Nandi Taple, Technical Adviser to the Governor of Benue State on Monitoring and Evaluation, inspired young professionals at a breakfast meeting held at Barcadi in Jos, Nigeria. The event focused on “The Power of People in Personal Growth and Development,” emphasizing the crucial role of relationships and community in personal and professional growth.

Ruth Nandi Taple’s Inspiring Speech

Ruth Nandi Taple passionately addressed the audience, stating, “Personal growth and development involve a lifelong journey of learning, self-improvement, and self-discovery. While individual effort is crucial, the influence of people around us plays a significant role in this process.”

The Importance of Mentors, Peers and Community

Nandi highlighted the impact of mentors, peers, and community support systems on one’s journey towards achieving personal and professional goals. She emphasized the importance of mentors, who provide invaluable guidance and advice based on their experiences. She also spoke about the positive influence of peers, who offer support and motivation, and the sense of belonging that a community provides, essential for mental and emotional well-being.

Moderator’s Remarks

Job David Ayuba, CEO of Tomruk iHub Multiverse, moderated the meeting and emphasized the importance of such discussions for the youth. “Engaging with thought leaders like Ruth Nandi Taple helps our young people understand the value of mentorship and community in their personal development. It’s about creating an environment where everyone can thrive.”

Building Meaningful Relationships and Leveraging Technology

Nandi encouraged attendees to build meaningful relationships by practicing active listening, showing mutual respect, and investing time in genuine connections. She also urged the audience to leverage technology for personal growth, highlighting online learning platforms and social media as valuable tools for connecting with mentors and peers globally.

Closing Remarks and Q&A Session

In her closing remarks, Nandi reminded the young audience of their responsibility in their growth journey. “Take charge of your growth by setting clear, achievable goals, committing to lifelong learning, and regularly reflecting on your experiences.” The breakfast meeting concluded with a lively Q&A session, where participants engaged with Nandi and Ayuba, seeking advice on various aspects of personal and professional development.

About the Speakers

Ruth Nandi Taple
Technical Adviser to the Governor of Benue State on Monitoring and Evaluation. She is also a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment and community development.

Job David Ayuba
CEO of Tomruk iHub Multiverse
Leading innovation hub focused on fostering technological advancements and entrepreneurial skills among young people in Nigeria.

The event at Barcadi in Jos was a resounding success, leaving attendees motivated and equipped with practical insights on harnessing the power of people in their personal growth journeys.

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