EcoTech Fuelless Generators is targeting unsuspecting customers

Scam Alert: EcoTech Fuelless Generators is targeting unsuspecting customers 

Internet scamming in Nigeria has been evolving over the years, despite numerous arrests and convictions by the Economic and financial crime commission (EFCC) and other law enforcement agencies.

Con artists and scammers always find new schemes of defrauding people through the internet. In most cases they pose as genuine sellers, posting fake ADs on fake or classified retail websites, and approaching individuals through emails and social media platforms.

A recent post on Facebook by a user Naomi Kareem reveals that numerous people in Plateau state and within Nigeria have been defrauded by some con artists posing to be marketers of Eco- tech fuelless generators.

These so-called marketers are in the business of posting pictures of these generators, demanding 50% upfront payment from customers who indicate their interest in the product, and upon payment they direct individuals to different none existent addresses, claiming to have traveled, relocated, or immediately cease picking up their calls.

Ecotech fuelless generators which are assumed to be founded by Macpherson Kenneth are said to be fuelless generators that generate power, without the use of electricity, fuel, solar energy, or any wind system, rather it is proposed to operate on the principle of recycling energy. 

However, research reveals that Ecotech Generators is a fake company, operating on a falsified website and social media page. It was discovered that these fraudsters are taking advantage of the poor state of electricity in the country, to defraud people and have at different times claimed different locations such as Block 34, Murtala Muhammed way, Jos, 21 Friesland roads, opp St Joseph College Vom, No.58 Aliyo Kama Road, Wallang, Langtang South, and  No. 22 Midway express, opposite Conoil filling Station Bukuru junction, Jos.

Some of the Pages and groups created by these scammers. Source:

Therefore, internet users and people who are likely to come across this platform are advised to protect themselves from being Victims of this scamming scheme, by remaining vigilant, and cease sending money to people they meet on the internet without first verifying the legitimacy of the products. Internet users are also advised to report cases of online scamming activities to authorities once targeted by this con artist.

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