The Plateau State’s Creative Landscape Needs A Revival, Experts say. 

Experts having discussion at the event

The creative industry is emerging as a promising catalyst for regional economic growth, attracting significant attention worldwide. 

Countries are increasingly embracing this new industrial classification and actively promoting cultural creation activities as a means to explore fresh avenues for regional development.

Henry Mafolou, Executive Director of the Jos Film Initiative, convened the timely event titled “Embracing the Future of Jos: The Creative Landscape.” Aimed to address the urgent need to revive the creative industry in Plateau State. Held on Saturday, July 29th, the event brought together creatives from across the state who engaged in discussions on strategies to promote and gain recognition for the works produced within the plateau state creative industry.

What we know: in an interview with JoeyOffAir, Mafolou said that: “Jos has always been full of creatives and over time so many success stories of both local and international big shot artists in Nigeria have been attributed to Jos, however, the creative industry In Plateau state presently is more or less non-existent making it impossible for creatives to earn a living out of their art”.

Additionally, he outlined that the lack of a definite business structure and the lack of knowledge and understanding of what the industry is supposed to be, has been one of the major problems plaguing the creative landscape in Plateau state. 

Picture splash of discussions at the events

Therefore the event was geared toward revitalizing the Creative space and stabilising it for the Future generation.

What now: According to Konkz Shamaki, in harnessing the Plateau state creative industry, there is a need for creatives in Jos to come together and work toward building a creative Hub, that will encourage local collaborations, funding and distribution of locally produced content.

He also added that the government can play a vital role in revitalising the creative space by coming up with policies that will encourage local distribution and also creating a link through which local artists can work together with Big Shot artists in the industry.

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