What happened to the power supply in Jos? — JED

The issue: Since last week, several residents of Jos metropolis and other places within the state have been experiencing inconsistent power supply. According to the Jos Electricity Distribution (JED), the load shedding is due to a drop in its daily allocation from the national grid.

“Our daily allocation within this period was dropped to between 75 to 78 megawatts for our four franchise states of Bauchi, Benue, Plateau, and Gombe,” says JED’s Head of Corporate Communications, Friday Adakole Elijah. “This has necessitated us to embark on load shedding of our customers in all our areas of operations in an equitable manner pending improvement in supply from the national grid.”

Aside from Plateau state, load shedding is being experienced in Bauchi, Benue, Plateau, and Gombe States.

What’s load shedding? Load shedding is a method to balance the demand and supply of electricity within a state. When the electricity demand exceeds the ability of a primary power source to supply it, it is used to relieve strain on the source.

The grid may become unstable if insufficient supply cannot meet consumer demand. Thus, causing damage to equipment and leaving more customers without power for extended periods of load shedding is not triggered.

In short, it is a controlled shutdown of the power supply in a given area.

What’s next? “We urge you not to despair as we hope to give you full supply as the situation is brought to normalcy,” Elijah added.

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  1. Christian osume

    This is a lie from the bit of hell why some places will have light for 24 hours because they have meters But places that don’t have meters you don’t give them light is it how they low shed You don’t buy enough power anymore you people just buy few and you distribute it to people that have meters and you say is low shedding I pray government should take it back enough is enough we are watching

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