What’s the Jos Photo Walk about?

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Starting this Wednesday,5th July 2023 the Africa Photography & Film Festival (AfricaPTFF) is hosting the maiden edition of the Jos Photowalk, themed “Jos the beautiful”.

The walk aims to bring together creative individuals and visual creators from across Nigeria who are passionate about using technology to share stories that promote the magnificence of Africa.

“This Event gives an opportunity to African creators to tell their stories from their own perspectives based on facts and authenticity.

Why it matters? 

In a world of limitless opportunities, telling our stories and showcasing our destinations creates avenues to explore investment options and economic diversification.” AfricaPTFF told journalists in Jos on Wednesday.

The Jos Photo Walk enables photographers and filmmakers capture the essence of Jos to tell stories that reflect the city and also give participants the opportunity to explore the city and its attractions while networking with fellow creatives

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AfricaPTFF will be collaborating with Zhibo Digital, Explore 9ja,Stagepro Tech and other local stakeholders including the government, non-governmental organizations,local communities, who are passionate to drive social and infrastructural development,and experts in the field to ensure the success of the Jos Photowalk.

By highlighting the beauty of Jos and its tourism potential, the event aims to attract more visitors to the city and contribute to its economic growth,investment options and stimulate the idea of tourism for social development.

It is promoting the information gap about Nigerian and African Destinations, and undocumented history to be discovered in other parts of the world. 

Also creating opportunities for enthusiasts who want to venture into technology solutions for tourism advancement. 

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